Research and Writing

My work focuses on the representation of reality in the cultural products of contemporary Latin America. Through the lenses of literary analysis and theatre and performance studies, I examine how artists and writers in the region have grappled with their social and political contexts. From the on-stage recreations of family relationships interrupted by state violence to the role of evidence in auto/biographical texts, I find that literary narrative, theatre, and performance arts have positioned themselves as unique sources of the real, through their connection to lived experience. This work has resulted in various publications in academic journals and a book project, A Shared Truth: The Theatre of Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol, under contract to the University of Pittsburgh Press. My book examines the theatrical troupe Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol and their relationship to the tradition of documentary theatre and contemporary performance, arguing that the Latin American stage has become a source of reliable alternatives to versions of history that would ignore or pardon state violence. My next project, focusing on Mexican representations of border/s, proposes that the United States’ southern border has been displaced to the south of Mexico, on the Guatemala-Chiapas line, and that the entire nation serves as a border zone.  These projects contribute to the field by advocating for new developments in theatre and literary arts.

In light of current political concerns about “fake news” and border walls, our work as humanists and scholars of Hispanic literature and culture takes on renewed urgency. By analyzing the rhetoric that creates spaces of marginalization, interpreting the use of evidence to represent realities and alternate versions of history, my research contributes to both civil and scholarly discourse on these pressing matters.